Awards Winners

The 31st award

Formative arts fabrication

Grand Prize

Taniguchi Bankin Co.,Ltd.


Brown cicada of fire protection

●Material Type:Copper ●Thickness:0.2mm

Mr. Yoshinobu Taniguchi,
Senior Managing Director

We thank you very much for receiving honorable Grand Prix Award at the Fair.

We inspire our many ideas in curving surface of thin brass sheet by fine unfold and in strengthening by many small ribs according to the wing pattern for the work piece “Cicada” to be as real as possible in its complex shape with the minimum size.

I am more pleased with the assessment on these areas at the award receiving ceremony.

The difficulty lies especially on oxide film on surface as brass character when time passes and on adjustment of coloring. We, therefore, try and error many times for this then finally reach to tasteful coloring.

I would greatly appreciate the Fair organizer for receiving Grand Prix award in Formative Arts Fabrication and for the work piece to be displayed aesthetically in the Fair period besides the those customers who took delivery of “Brown cicada of fire protection”.

We shall endeavor after further technological improvement and development for the future.

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