Awards Winners

The 31st award

Student's fabrication

Gold Award

Student's fabrication

Tsu Advanced Vocational Technical Training School


Town looking from monorail

●Material Type:SUS304HL

Mr. Yamato Tsuruoka,
Instructor & Advisor in charge
of Metal Craft Department

2nd from Left
Mr. Souma Tsujii

2nd from right
Mr. Saiki Uchiyama

Mr. Ryu Tamura

We would very much appreciate receiving the honorable Gold award in Student’s fabrication category and are pleased with the valuable assessment amongst excellent work pieces.

The idea to produce monorail comes from something like movable vehicle that we want to manufacture and the piece that never been before.

The monorail itself gives a poor live image therefore, we include the street of stores and houses since monorail operates in the town. The utmost effort in design is how to move the monorail. We study the parts configuration, shaft arrangement and so on then, many adjustments for smooth movement has been done.

Each parts for town are so small that the process is very difficult although decision for what kind of town should be made is at early stage. We pay close attention to even tiny doors to be opened and closed. Despite of the small monorail size, both interior and exterior is as close as possible to the reality. Also, the measurement adjustment is another difficulty because of R bend. We purposely stick to the whole figures by adaptation a bit at the final assembly stage due to unsatisfactory external appearance.

The participation in the Fair brings to be worth manufacturing, achievement feeling and other many things.

We shall strive for manufacturing pieces as better as possible with our students.

Thank you very much indeed.

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