Awards Winners

The 31st award

Sheet metal assemble parts

Grand Prize

TANABE Co., Ltd.



●Material Type:SUS304,C2801

Ms. Yasuko Nishihara

2nd from left
Mr. Hideyo Tanabe, Chairman

2nd from right
Mr. Daichi Matsutori, Chief

Mr. Jun Tanabe, CEO

We honestly appreciate for our work piece “SAKURATUBE” to be highly assessed.The work piece is based on the hint of pipe index features of Laser machine in the daily use since we want to show the difficulty in the bending process. The flat sheet is figured to tubeby roller machine first then, blanking process by laser for achieving smooth aesthetic R shapesince we can’t reach beautiful R shape when the blanked petal is bent.

This is my very first role for the work piece to being at Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fairand I am full of anxiety and pressure for manufacturing. I, however, learn that it is possible torealize the piece by idea or means even the shape seems to be impossible to make at aglance. I also find pleasure and happiness of manufacturing again in every step when theimpossibility changes possibility.

I feel much joy, confidence and encouragement by the high assessment on not onlytechnology and idea but also design of the work piece from many visitors to the Fair.

I shall pass my experience and knowledge to the others then, endeavor after developmentof our skill.

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