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The27th award

Sheet metal assemble Parts

Gold Award



Counter Type Kitchen (1/8 scale).
Dokodemo☆Cook® (Cook☆Everywhere®)

●Material Type:SUS430

Mr. Toshiro Oitate,

We are very much delighted at receiving the honorable Gold award on our product “Counter Type Kitchen (1/8 scale) Dokodemo☆Cook (Cook☆Everywhere)” in the Sheet metal assembled parts category.

The reason behind to create this product was that we wanted to create a cooking equipment for everyone at any time at anywhere like food shows, gourmet events, carnivals, party or soup kitchen during natural disasters.

Our entry is a 1/8 scale model, but the actual product is a mobile, 2-sink type assembly kitchen that can be folded compactly.

The size is W930 x D460 x H940mm when folded and W1820 x D643 x H1140mm when assembled. It can be added to, L shape type or horseshoe type besides simple straight line as basic. It can supply with water pneumatically from 20 liter plastic tank, so the permission from public health center can be obtained easily.

The biggest feature of this product is, as its name suggests, for anyone at anytime, anywhere to assemble easily. Even women can assemble it within 30 minutes without any tools. All the parts are assembled by inserting, and no screws or bolt/nuts are used.

We are proud to bring life to this product created by gathering sense of everyone at a small sheet-metal plant. We hope to continue providing products that serve being useful to the public and make contributions to society.

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