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The26th award

Sheet metal assemble Parts

Gold Award

Yamashita Sheet metal LTD.


Ferris wheels (Wonder wheels)

●Material Type:SUS304 ●Thickness:1.0〜5.0mm

Mr.Hitoshi Yamashita,

Mr.Syuzo Asada,
Sales General Manager

We would like to thank everyone for this very honorable Gold Award despite of our very first entry for this Fair. We never expected to receive an award, so we were very surprised and filled with pleasure.

The key concepts of this piece were - a piece being reflect our commitment to quality and precision of laser sheet metal products, a piece with great impact for market development, a piece can be in motion not just see, and a piece being fun regardless of age.

A photo of a Ferris wheel of Yokohama Dream Land brought us an idea for this piece. We thought it would be fun if we could make this Ferris wheel with laser sheet metal processing, so, we traced the photo and started making CAD data. In making a 3D data from a 2D photo, we didn't make it exactly the same; we added a gear mechanism, to make Ferris wheel to rotate and gondola to swing by turning the handle, it was tough but fun to include various designs in the drawing.

In order to realize this swinging gondola, we had to make assembly jigs and test many times. It was very complicated to set the swing level of the gondola, rotating speed of the Ferris wheel and the gear setting, and they were fruitful lesson for us.

We hope to see this award as our first step to our challenge in manufacturing for the future.

Mr.Hitoshi Yamashita, CEO

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