Awards Winners

The25th award

Formative arts fabrication

Gold Award

Okouchi Co., Ltd.


Pine tree

●Material Type:SUS304

Mr. Shintaro Yamamoto

Mr. Haruhisa Yamamoto
Senior Managing Director

What was most difficult about this product was making of the pine leaves. We tried it again and again with machine processing but didn’t come out right, and finally we decided to do it by hand. Melting every tip of pine leaves with argon welding and rounding them was also a very lengthy process and difficult. But by melting the tip of pine leaves, the burnt leaf color matched well with the mirror-surface trunk, and I think it brought more depth to the design.

The tip of each pine tree was welded and rounded one by one by hand, and it consumed a lot of time and energy. I think these efforts were the reason for our award.

This was our first participation, we were here to challenge, and we didn’t think we would win. So we are very surprised to have won such a great gold award. We would like to thank everyone, not to bloat with pride, and devote ourselves to manufacturing better products.

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