Awards Winners

The25th award

Welding fabrication

Gold Award

Nadayoshi Co., Ltd.


Sink of kindergarten

●Material Type:SUS304 ●Thickness:1.2mm

Mr. Takehiko Ueki
Senior Managing Director

Mr. Tsugiyoshi Ueki

Mr. Kenji Mochizuki
Welding Group Leader

The key point of this product is the use of tools. We created tools to make this shape by punching with a punch/laser combination machine, and used it not only for bending, but also as gauging stopper for welding and grinding. We struggled during the offset process, and also the welding/ grinding where the torches and tools couldn’t get in.

We believe showing the work processes in stages by using 4 sinks, and the nice shape and color of welding beads brought us this award.

We never expected to receive a gold award, so all of us at our company are surprised and delighted at the same time.

We participated in this fair at the 18th fair for the first time, and we’ve put up a slogan to win the Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Award at the 27th fair (FY2014), which will be our 10th challenge. We’re committed to making better products for our main business as well, by utilizing the know-how and technologies acquired here.

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