Awards Winners

The25th award

Sheet metal assemble Parts

Gold Award



Up and down bridge

●Material Type:SUS304 ●Thickness:0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 4.0mm

Mr. Kazuyuki Tabara,

First, we made some prototypes trying to somehow reproduce the reinforcement bolt section with welding. We chose the one closest to the real, and worked hard to make a few hundred of them.

I think our product was recognized for its high precision welding of the bridge reinforcement, instead of using rivets.

This is our second gold award, and we feel more confident than ever. We’re overjoyed for this award since we believe it was brought on by our united efforts.

We hope to participate in the future Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fairs by pursuing advanced technologies, improving the plant’s technology level, and leading them to stronger business performances.

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