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The24th award

Student Participation

Gold Award

Student Participation

Kanagawa Prefectural Eastern Region Vocational Technical School

Bodhidharma pray for recovery & Base

●Processing Accuary:±0.5mm
●Material Type:SUS304 ●Thickness:1.5mm

Student representatives
and the instructors

This piece was created in a very short period of 2 weeks for concept-making and design, and another 2 weeks for production. The parts that particularly took time were the data processing and assembly.

We ran into compatibility problems when converting the data from CAD to AP100 auto programming, and we found errors such as burrs during laser processing, and joint melted down, and we had to revise the data every time. Also for the assembly of “daruma”, since the assembly groove was designed for +/-0.02mm torelance, it was very difficult to embed them together.

The students came up with the concept of this piece “prayers for reconstruction”, and we put our hearts into the laminated-molding “daruma”. I think this unique design and idea led us to the award.

We have participated in this fair every year since the foundation of our school, and we are very grateful for the first Gold award. This Fair provides a great opportunity for the students to nurture self- confidence, and experience the fun and difficulty of manufacturing. We hope to continue participating in the future.

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