Awards Winners

The24th award

Formative Arts Fabrication

Gold Award

Shinagawa Art Pro Co.,Ltd.


Chinese Phoenix

●Processing Accuracy:±1.0mm
●Material Type:SUS304 ●Thickness:1.0〜5.0mm

Ms. Kumiko Shinagawa, CEO

Thank you very much for the Gold award. The Chinese Phoenix is a legendary sacred bird which is said to show itself only in a peaceful world. We created this piece by putting our heart and soul in remembrance of 2011, a year of so many happenings.

The sacred bird stands on its 2 skinny feet in order to flap its wings in a big motion. The difficult part was keeping the head and tail balance, and not showing the inside structure of the wings.

This year was our company’s 45th anniversary, and we have devoted ourselves in careful and detailed manufacturing, pursuing beauty in form and polish. This award became a happy turning point for us as well as a great encouragement. We would like to continue having fun in making new products this year.

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