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Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award
Formative Arts Fabrication
High-precision Small Part
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High-precision Small Part

Plug slider
●Demand Accuracy: ±0.02mm
●Material Type: SUS304 CSP1/2H
●Thickness: 0.15mm

Fabrication of this plug slider taxed our ingenuity to the full. The plug slider made it imperative to meet very close dimensional tolerances of 0.02 mm in bending while performing punching and arranging. Lances, measuring 0.3 mm each, were arranged in a width of 0.75 mm. Fine blanking and bending of 0.15 mm thick, difficult-to-form stainless steel SUS304-CSP is a probably key point.
We launched our fine fabrication department two years ago. We did not imagine we could win the Gold Award with the first entry after this short period of time. It is really a dream come true.
The MERC process has infinite potentials. We will endeavor to master this technology and use it to win the utmost trust of our customers.

Toyoaki Araki
Pcube Department Maneger