●The 18th award winners
Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award
Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Chairman's Award
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award
Formative Arts Fabrication
High-precision Small Part
Silver Award
Bronze Award
Judging Committee's Award
Technical Award
Technical Encouragement Award / Special Encouragement Award / Encouragement Award
 ●Student Participation
Gold Award
Silver Award / Bronze Award / Performance Award
Encouragement Award

Sheet Metal Working Part

Rotary cover
●Demand Accuracy: ±0.2mm
●Material Type: SUS304 2B
●Thickness: 1.5mm

This rotary cover is basically composed of circular and round parts. Exact fusion of the circular lines of the "pan" and "top cover" calls for the finest in skill. Connection of the upper and lower round shapes was especially difficult. This connection required advanced design and development and accurate fabrication.
Combined with these skills, utmost care was exercised to correct any distortion. The outcome was good overall finish.
This product may not look very complicated to ordinary people. Product made by sheet metal fabrication professionals has been appreciated by their colleagues. This is our greatest pleasure and pride.
Not conceited with our two awards, we will endeavor to improve our skills day to day.

Hideyo Tanabe