●The 12th award winners
The Ministry of Labor Human Resouces Development Bureau Director General's Award
The Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Award
The Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun Award
Sheet Metal Working
Assembling Technology
The AMADA Award
Silver Award
Bronze Award
Special Technical Award
Technical Award
Technical Encouragement Award

Material : SUS304 - CSP1/2H
Thickness : 0.4mm

Our submission is one that could not be produced with traditional sheetmetal working techniques. At the same time, it involves all the elements that must paid heed in bending. Being a small product, the dimensions approach the limit for bending. Even so, it entails a large number of processes and so we took the greatest care not to deviate from the processing sequence and inspected dimensions scrupulously after each process.
The product is a small and unassuming one. Perhaps it was this scrupulous work and engineering that won us such favor. We are delighted to receive the Gold Award, the top award in the division.
Lately there has been a great deal of precision sheetmetal work of a difficulty greater than is fundamentally involved in sheetmetal machining. It is our goal to achieve a technical precision in sheetmetal worthy of the name "micro-machining".

Mr.Keiji Namiki