Sheet Metal Processing

FLW Series

Fiber Laser Welding system

New era of laser welding

*The photo shows without partition figure

High-speed and high grade processing with multi-functions.

AMADA Fiber Laser Welding system achieves high-speed and high grade welding that is impossible with conventional laser welding.

■ Features(1) : High-speed & High grade processing
What is a fiber laser?
Welding performance improvement of highly reflective or difficult-to-weld materials.
Realization of high-grade processing by smooth continuous welding.
Dramatic improvement of oscillation efficiency
■ Features(2) : Package of AMADA’s latest welding technologies
New original processing head
Beam weaving mechanism
NC auto focus control
Movable filler and gas nozzle
■ Features(3) : Efficiency enhancement of welding by digitalization
Support of high-quality welding with multi-functions
TAS (Teaching Assist System)
■ Features(4) : Efficiency enhancement of welding by digitalization
Achievement of off-line teaching

Processing scene YouTube movies

Processing samples



Machine type

Maximum process range
Welding torch (downward)

Positioning accuracy


Maximum sheet thickness
(melting depth)


6-axis articulated robot

X direction : 1000〜1900
Z direction : 500〜1300
Y direction :
(Without robot carriage)

(Robot carriage length 1.5m)

(Robot carriage length 3.0m)

(Robot carriage length 4.0m)

(Robot carriage length 6.0m)



Steel / Stainless steel type 3
Aluminum type 2



Steel / Stainless steel type 6
Aluminum type 4

*For Japan domestic market.
For any inquires, please contact local AMADA branch office.