Sheet Metal Processing

EML-AJ series

High-speed punch & fiber laser combination machine EML-AJ

Now equipped with a new punch and die changer (PDC)!

EML-AJ series

The EML-AJ series, which has a fiber laser equipment mounted on the best-selling combination machine "EML" and has realized a higher hit rate, is now released!

In addition, the space-saving automatic tool changer PDC is also renewed, furnished with the tool change function and ID tool function during laser cutting.

EML-AJ has realized low cost, high speed processing, and even longer continuous automatic operation!

■ New Technology(1) : High productivity, low running cost, and processing of highly reflective materials
High-speed processing of thin materials
■ New Technology(2) : High-speed punching and high-quality processing
Realized even faster punching processing
Tapping by tapping station
High-quality forming by P&F mechanism
■ New technology(3) : Tool setup and automation solutions without stopping machine
Automatic tool change during laser cutting
ID tools supported
Joint-less processing with the takeout loader

Processing scene YouTube movies

Material: SPCC / Thickness: 2.3 mm


Examples of system upgrades


Space-saving (Single-storage tower specification)

A destacker in the storage tower allows for flexible process scheduling regardless of material types and thicknesses.


Material and part storage towers (Two-storage tower specification)

The two-storage tower specification, composed of a material storage tower and a part and skeleton storage tower, allows the continuous processing of multiple materials and parts at the same time.


Automated storage and retrieval system specification

Continuous operation for a long time realized by connection with an automated storage and retrieval system. The overall system can be laid out to suit the available floor space and height of specific customers.

* Customers can upgrade their systems by selecting and combing the optimal peripheral equipment software and other components.



Press capacity

Maximum processing size (mm)
X × Y


Maximum sheet thickness




(rated output: 3kW)




(with repositioning)


*For Japan domestic market.
For any inquires, please contact local AMADA branch office.