Sheet Metal Processing


Fiber laser machine for both flat sheets and tubes

A new laser machine for flat sheets and tubes (structural steels) are newly introduced in the fiber laser ENSIS series that enables various-mix various-lot production.


The ENSIS series with AMADA's original beam control technology is equipped with a rotary index that can process tubes and structural steel with high precision.

ENSIS-RI, which can process all areas of flat sheees, tubes and structural steels, provides the best environment for various-mix various-lot production.

■ Feature(1): One machine can process thin sheetes, thick plates, and tubes.
While taking advantage of energy-saving performance of the fiber laser, AMADA's original ENSIS technology provides stepless beam control that enables stable processing over a wide range from thin sheetes to thick plates and tubes (structural steels).
■ Feature(2): Further evolution of rotary index
High-speed and high-quality processing realized by synchronized support chuck & simultaneous 4-axis control
The support chuck is mechanically tightened to straighten the twist of the tube itself and prevents slipping on the round tube, which enables high-accuracy processing and high-quality processing to reduce scratches. Simultaneous 4-axis control and corner high-speed stable processing of square tube are realized.
■ Feature(3): Further high-accuracy processing of tubes and structural steels
Corrects accuracy variations of the base material with the equipped touch probe feature
The touch probe enabled measurement of tubes and structural steels near the processing point. End surface position is measured, twisting of the long tube is corrected, and processing with the center reference is done. In addition, the position from the reference surface such as the flange is corrected and processing according to the drawing instructions is performed with higher accuracy.
■ Feature(4): Easy operation
Switching between the flat sheet processing mode and tube processing mode is easily done with the NC unit AMNC 3i.



Rapid feed rate(m/min)
X : Y : Z

Maximum processing size(mm)
X × Y × Z

Oscillator(Select one if two models or more are listed.)

Maximum sheet thickness(mm)




(rated output: 3kW)

SS: (Oxygen)

SUS: (high pressure Nitrogen)


RI processing size (min. to max. mm)

Max. workpiece mass (kg)

Max. workpiece length (mm)


Round tube

○ 19~220



Square tube (equal/unequal)

□ 19~150

Rectangle tube

Circumscribed circle of ɸ220 or less

Structural steel

Angle (equal/unequal)

┗ 19~90

Channel, Lightweight channel



Tubes and structural steels can be processed up to 6000 mm in length by the repositioning function (the final grip length of 218 mm cannot be processed).

*For Japan domestic market.
For any inquires, please contact local AMADA branch office.