●The 14th award winners
The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award
The Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Award
The Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun Award
Forming Fabrication
High Precision Small Part
Silver / Bronze / The AMADA / The Judging Committee's Award
Technical Award
Technical Encouragement Award



•Material : SUS304
•Thickness : 3.0mm

An SUS304 plate is bent into a C-shape, and then bent in the longitudinal direction. In this case, the larger the C diameter is and the smaller the R diameter is, the larger the difference between expansion and contraction becomes. Therefore, the plate is bent, while absorbing contraction into the material and offsetting internal stress, and then it is bent, divided, welded and ground, while trimming the size, for completion without creating distortion and contortion when the plate is cut into a half.
In a conventional way, a pipe is be bent by force, or burnt and bent by high frequency.
In this way, the size after cutting is not precise enough, requiring much time and cost for grinding. By contrast, our technology has made it possible to provide highly precise products with less distortion at a low price and in a short period. We think that this point was highly evaluated.
Ten years have passed since we established the WR bending technology. Trifled by the Heisei Depression, our product could hardly come into wide use. We are very pleased with the award that has swept away our depressed feelings. We recall our enthusiasm at the time of the development, and hope to contribute as much as possible to the evolution of the sheet metal working industry through the development of products that win recognition from the public.

Akira Kimura