Sheet Metal Processing


Bending robot system for bending ribbed parts and long parts

Simple operation, and secure, safe and stable bending with a single robot.
Bending robot system for bending complex rib and panel shapes.


The HG-1303Rm has adopted the high-end press brake HG-1303, equipped with a new hybrid drive system and capable of step bend layout.

Material loading, material handling during bending, and part unloading are all performed by a single 7-axis articulated robot capable of various motions. The HG-1303Rm system can bend ribbed-parts and panels without setups and can run for long hours.

■ Features(1) : Simple operation with a single robot
A 7-axis articulated robot (six axes of motion plus one travel axis) is adopted for loading, unloading, positioning and bending workpieces to expand the bending range.
■ Features(2) : Expansion of bending range
The gripper is automatically changed to suit the parts to be bent.
An automatic gripper changer (AGC) that can store up to four types of grippers is installed as standard.
■ Features(3) : Angle sensor
The angle sensor Bi-S is installed to support angle correction during robotic bending.

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Processing samples

Sample 1




Maximum workpiece size

Minimum workpiece size






80 (with gripper)

*This product is for the Japanese market.
For any inquires, please contact local AMADA branch office.