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AMADA Solution Center

The AMADA Solution Center is the place where we offer "proposals" to solve your issues. The Center has multiple functions: as an "exhibition" site to show you various products, as a place of "process verification" through which we find your issues and propose solutions, and as a place allowing the verification of those proposals.

At AMADA Machine Tool Plaza, which forms part of the AMADA Solution Center, AMADA offers methods for solving many of the various issues requested by customers. We also hold events, and introduce AMADA's Solution Package and our Digitalized Sheet Metal Factory, from every point of view.

What's more, our Verification Plaza is equipped to enable customers to use any of AMADA's numerous Solution Packages at any time. Here customers can actually process their products, experience the differences compared with their traditional processing and verify proposals from AMADA, all before introducing AMADA's machines.


We process the customers’ product with their drawing using the latest Solution Package. You can measure the benefit from installing the proposed solution package before installation. We propose solutions to customers’ issues individually using the latest Solution Packeges.


In AMADA MACHINE TOOL PLAZA we introduce and propose digitalized manufacturing, operating the VPSS (Virtual Prototype Simulation System) combined with the latest solutions in machine tools.


In P&P room, can pick out the customer’s individual issue, verify the result using Verification Processing and simulate the installation benefit.


FORUM246 is a comfortable, creative space built to enable customers to carefully study the results they can achieve from installation of AMADA's machines. The facility has one underground floor and 12 stories above ground, with total floor space of approximately 20,000㎡, where training sessions, seminars and other meetings can be held. FORUM246 is complete with restaurants, a lobby, a convention hall, two large training rooms and 16 small training rooms, as well as accommodation facilities.

VPSS (Virtual Prototype Simulation System)

VPSS (Virtual Prototype Simulation System) is the digital manufacturing that let you check all aspects of manufacturing on the computer before actually making the part, whereas the conventional manufacturing where the prototypes were made and verified.


As various events, AMADA hosts new product introductions and presentations on solution packages, new production methods and examples of successful introductions of its machines. AMADA continually disseminates information to meet customers' requests, through "special event exhibitions" that propose new production alternatives and "technical sessions" to provide information concerning processing technologies and technological trends.

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