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Displacement Checker

Displacement Checker



Thickness measurement for welded objects before welding and inline monitoring for penetration after welding.

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  • Displacement sensor for measuring displacement value.

    Displacement sensor is attached to a force follow-up mechanism to measure displacement value. It is attached to a force follow-up mechanism that is capable of mount a displacement sensor. (Model: V*D*-*)
    Force follow-up mechanism

    Displacement sensor

  • Five different measuring mode.

    Five different measuring mode

  • The input/output signal LED indicators provided on the front panel allows you to check the system operations easily while they are in progress.
  • Number of setting conditions: 32 at the maximum (Equipped with a function of copying the setting values to other channels)
  • The maximum measurement range: ±65.53mm (The selection of the measurement range is optional.)
  • A synchronization mode that operates in combination with a weld force monitor (HCP-N) is provided.
  • AC power supply ready for world-wide use
  • Selectable pulse output time for output signals (TACT, 50ms, 100ms, and 300ms)
  • Ready for data output to a dedicated printer unit (optional)
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