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President & CEO
Mitsuo Okamoto

Approaching our 70th anniversary
Contributing toward worldwide product creation
and a more prosperous future for mankind

“Growing together with our customers” has been a motto shared among Amada employees as a corporate philosophy since our establishment in 1946, and has been the foundation of all our business activities. It originated from the idea that creation and presentation of new values based on customer viewpoints are the source of mutual growth.

Amada, originally a developer of band-saw machines for cutting steel, has now grown into a global engineering company that offers total solutions for processing machineries in the 4 categories of sheet metal, stamping press, cutting & structural steels, and machine tools, in addition to software for machine control, peripheral equipment, and tools and maintenance services. Furthermore, the addition of AMADA MIYACHI (previously MIYACHI Corp.) to our group last year brought high levels of technology in the fields of fine welding and fine processing, and we are now experiencing a dramatic expansion in the kinds of solutions that we can offer our customers.

During the past few years, technology has evolved rapidly and the context of product creation has also changed enormously. In such matured markets as the U.S., Europe and Japan, segments exploiting advanced technologies such as green business, aircraft industries, or medical equipment have been expanding with high demand for small batch/ v-mix, v-lot production. Likewise, the emerging markets are also experiencing dramatic evolution, since more and more customers are seeking automation equipment with the steep rise in labor costs. Countries labeled as “emerging markets” are shifting to new regions.

Amada has realized a full lineup of fiber laser machines that substantially alleviate environmental impact and are highly productive due to process integration, thus addressing the challenge of diversifying global markets. Laser and bending machines are now manufactured locally by Amada Quality at our Brea Plant in California and Shanghai Site in China as well as in Japan and France, and are ready to be delivered to customers around the world.

Today’s global economy harbors permanent instability factors due to the recurrent volatility of stock prices and currency exchange rates despite tireless efforts of governments and private sectors around the world. In 2016 AMADA will reach its 70th year in business with heartfelt gratitude to all of our business partners and customers worldwide. As a comprehensive manufacturer of metalworking machinery, AMADA shall continue to evolve relentlessly to meet the tumultuous changes of global markets and contribute towards a more prosperous future for mankind through the act of product creation.

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